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09-16-12 :
I have officially started the next album for 2013. My new studio is all setup. It wasn't easy leaving my home of Long Island which I've lived my entire life.  But I am very excited about my new house here in Florida. And very psyched about having a more flexible schedule to continue to progress with Level 2.0.
 Earlier this year I reached a point where if I didn't make a change. Then Level 2.0 would never have progressed. Matt and I we're just going in different directions in our lives. And my heart has always evolved around this since we first started in 2000. So after continuing without him. I set out to create an EP that would define this change. And end of a long journey through one chapter. While a new era begins with 'Elevate'.​

​​09-24-12 :
Today I worked on a remix for Culture Kultur. I have been a fan of them for a long time. So it was very enjoyable working on the remix. 
As for the new album, I​t is coming along very well and already 3 songs into production.
​ And I have been seeing some tracks from the new release 'Elevate'  already being played on some ebm radio stations. It's only been out for 11 days. So it's nice to see it doing well early.

10-13-12 :
Autumn was always the season that I felt more in spirits when creating music. Just something about growing up on Long Island​​​ during the fall.
That cool wind against your face when walking down the streets of the neighborhood. The change in the scenery and colors of the leaves. Walking down those streets was like my sanctuary of thoughts.
​Hard to put in exact words. But I always felt it.
 Now, Living here in Florida. The season is definitely no where near the same. But what does follow me here, Is that same exact feeling inside of me.​ Maybe it's spirits from the past or just the remembrance of youth.
They have taken over emotionally inside while working on this new album.​  And have given a strong influence of a dark ambient behind a bright chorus of strings. Now that this album has taken a turn. I couldn't even explain the direction. Only promise that it will be the most thought out release I have ever worked on.

11-08-12 :
Been receiving some remixes as of late. So what I am thinking of doing, Is releasing them one by one on soundcloud/FB for free downloads for the fans.
​ So far every remix has been very good.​​​ This will give all the fans something to new every month until the next album.
11-19-12 :
For the past 5 days I have been pushing ​the          www.facebook.com/level2pointzero   
page. And have more then doubled the fan base on Facebook from 550 to 1150​.
And with the advertising it can only grow. I am very excited to meet all the new fans and hear their feedback.​I will also will be announcing some news on a potential new side project in the upcoming weeks. So a lot of positive and exciting news is building for the upcoming year.

​​11​-26-12 :
With today being my birthday, I had some free time off to work in the studio and get further with my remixes and more done on the album for next year. I already received "Lost Girl" back from mastering by Alex Matheu . Very excited about it. Can't wait to get further into the next album. Also today the facebook fan page reached over 2000 likes.

12-10-12 :

Finished a few remixes this past month. Also been working on the new album. Not gonna make a time frame or set date on the new album. It is coming along a little slower then usual. But it's for the best. Also we passed 3000 likes on FB page yesterday.

​ The LEVEL 2.0 BANDCAMP page is all setup and have a special exclusive unreleased EP coming soon: http://level2pointzero.bandcamp.com/album/armageddon-casualties
Had a great time on Darkest Radio with Dark Jack on Sunday. The interview revealed a little insight into the background of what goes into making the music. FB page is now @6300 likes. It is growing rapidly. Been getting a lot of feedback in the past few months. Also started working on a side project "Forced Intention" with Jeremy. Between working on the new album/side project/remixes, I have been very productive. Should be a good year for 2.0.​