​Auxiliary Control is a futurepop/futurewave project from Long Island, New York.
​The members are:
David Swaine: vocals
Mike Hoffman: synth/production (Level 2.0)

Originally known as L’Cry, Auxiliary Control makes highly emotional dark electronic music aimed at the dance floors.
‘They released their latest album;
​ 'Memories of You' on DSBP Records
Facebook page:

Want to remix or be remixed by LEVEL 2.0 ?
We are always interested in hearing remixes from fans or fellow musicians.
Also, All fan remixes will be displayed on our reverbnation & soundcloud page​s.

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Depending on the time frame, Prices vary and remix swaps are negotiable.

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Saviors Among Us
​Created in early 2013 by the mastermind behind the project Mike Hoffman.

This project unites a variety of special guest vocalists from within the electronic scene. Joining together to contribute their voices and stories to the gui-bm landscape of sounds by Mike Hoffman.
Special guests include:
Pulse State, Synapse, Blank, Lost in Desire,
​00tz00tzThe Matrix,​​​ Lost Signal, Provision,
Mental Discipline and many more.

Debut release: TBA​​

​A long distance collaboration between the duo Jeremy Frey (synth/sequencing) &
​ Mike Hoffman (vocals/lyrics).
Combining hard beats & haunting synths to create a fresh new side of dark electro for 2013.

Debut release: Winds Of Change
Release Date:TBA​​​