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LEVEL 2.0 -
Level 2.0 (pronounced: Level two-point-zero) is an EBM/Industrial band originally based out of Long Island, New York. Now in Florida.

OUT NOW on Nilaihah Records
"​​This new digital only EP, 'Elevate' once again shows Level 2.0 continues to grow further with each release. Elevate is more mature, polished EBM with hooks and melodies that will keep you coming back for more. Mike Hoffman of Level 2.0 does it again!"
​ _​Nilaihah Records

"Puls​​ing beats and uplifting melodies intertwine with intense personal lyrics to create an  overwhelming dark dance force  to be reckoned with. If every Level 2.0
release is another chapter in their life story, "Elevate" may be the most exciting chapter."
_Jason L. Anderson @Engrave Ritual​​/Synthetic Rage Radio

​​If you like the previous material from Level 2.0 you will definitely not be disappointed with this EP. With all new material and very good remixes to keep it varied but still with a complete feeling of them matching together the EP is very interesting and enjoyable.
_ Bjorn Andersson​ @Black Vector Magazine

​​Mike's vocals have improved, but also, the melody is even more poignant and beautiful. Just like 'Blue Like Neptune', this song has pivotal moments all through it that are so personal, so private, that it's a genuine honour to share them with Mike.  
​I strongly feel that these tracks are the groups best yet - by far.  ​Passionate and amorous, yet also disciplined and well-written. Level 2.0, I missed you.

_Nick Quarm @Brutal Resonance​
This section is dedicated to any questions                                         Who are your influences?
fans have asked.​                                                                               My main influence is everyday life. LEVEL 2.0
                                                                                                        songs are just like pages in a diary. Each song

​What does gui-bm mean?                                                                  is it's own chapter.
It is in reference to "guido", Because we                                            Musically I love all EBM/Industrial /Futpop 
​don't dress the typical Goth/Industrial code.                                       Ex; Funker Vogt, Beborn Beton, VNV, A23,
​We have always been referred to as ​​​​​the guido's                                 Flesh Field, Blank, Apoptygma Berzerk,​
​of the scene because of our Long Island style.                                   Wumpscut, Leather Strip, SITD, Namnambulu,
And in reference to  EBM, the term "gui-bm" was created.​                XMTP, and the list can go on.
What does LEVEL 2.0 mean?                                                         But musically I strive to stick to this sound that 
Originally it was just a name Matt & I agreed on.                              we started . Everyone is gonna be compared to
​But soon after the design of our logo. It took on much more              someone else, No matter how hard you try
meaning. The logo is a mirror image. In many ways Matt & I             to be original. So I have always made it for me.
​we're a reflection of the other.​

Is it true that we have used real life samples in our songs?
Yes,  I sampled a phone conversation ​between a girl and
​myself for a song that was about games. ​​​​​And also used a
​sample of previous recordings of my ex. To me, It brought 
​out much more personal meaning and feeling into the songs.​​


If you have any questions whether its about the band/tour/remixes/releases/lyrics/ etc..
Feel free to email me @

Mike J Hoffman (vocals/synth) :
Originally from Long Island, NY. Now lives in Wildwood,FL.
As of early 2012,
​Has taken over all operations as the sole member of LEVEL 2.0.​

Matt T Clennan III  (synth/programming) : 
The co-founder of LEVEL 2.0 was the main keyboardist from 2005-2012.​
As of early 2012,
Is now a full time DJ @NyFe.  
LEVEL 2.0 was originally 
created for the sole purpose
of two close friends sharing the same passion and love for EBM/Industrial music. They both started working together under different band names in early 2000. In 2005 they found the defining sound/style that they worked 5 years to find. And when finding this, They knew it was time for a name that fit them best. "LEVEL 2.0" (pronounced : level two-point-zero).
​What seperated this act from the rest in the scene,
Was their Long Island house/trance style that blended with the modern Industrial/EBM/Futurepop.
Blending vocalists Mike Hoffman's more aggressive & distorted vocals to Matt's thick Industrial basslines & trance-like synth leads helped them catch quick attention in the dark underground dancefloor scene. Their ​anthem like melodies just keep you wanting to come back for more.  
And lyrically,
Each album is like a different chapter into the journey of these two lives. Mike doesn't hold anything personal back . From sampling real life personal conversations to controversy between the two founding members. They put it all in the music.​ Leaving nothing hidden. 
Known today as the 'gui-bm' act in the scene. LEVEL 2.0 has only begun to defy any pass judgement within the scene​. And will be around for years to come.